1. The Good Guy Revolution With Gene Moore 1:13:18
  2. Ep2: The Good Guy Revolution with Gene Moore Gene Moore 57:57
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Gene’s performance style is fast-paced, high spirited, and high energy!  Moore defines himself as “a front-row friendly comedian”.


Moore captivates and entertains even the most diverse audiences and age groups.  His  humor is observational, hopeful, and based on his life experiences as U.S. Army Veteran and proud Mexican-American.

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The Good Guy Revolution

Premieres Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020

The world is moving so fast and people are becoming so aggressive, mean and unkind.   Gene Moore interviews kind well balanced people to obtain their insights on how they are navigating through  this dystopian world and maintaining their kindness. Don’t miss a single episode. Subscribe now!

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